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September 16, 2007


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Sorry to "LOL"... Your comment was deleted. No sarcasm on any religion allowed on my blog.

James Chia

Very funny!


but you're making fun of people's beliefs with your pictorials and comments. three fingers point back when you point one.


sorry, you're also poking fun at people's beliefs with your pictures and comments. some of those guys are taoists, hindus..


If we cant laugh at ourselves (I'm a Taoist) then its really sad, well done Jedi, you shown us a super funny satire on life in Sing as it is.
I for one encourage you to do more , you have the talent for it, bravo.


hahaha... that's wad typical singaporeans are..


damn cute lah.. hee..


Creative. But as some of them mentioned, it might offense some people.

Maybe can try your creativity on other scenes :)


These are all nice funny picture they all guys is very good style and performance wish they all the best.

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The myths and legends of the olden days are in revival.

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